Diane Enderson

Everything that exists is energy! Scientists know that even the most heavy, solid object–for instance, a slab of concrete–consists of atomic and subatomic particles that are vibrating! These sub-atomic particles–the building blocks of all matter–are held together by electrical energy. If we observe that slab of cement under an electron microscope, we’ll see that it’s made up of energy fields that interact with one another, and is thus alive with movement.

If even the most solid of materials pulsates with energy, what about other, less solid, less visible elements of the universe: the cells and blood and bone that make up your body, and the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that arise from your body and mind? All energy! With this in mind, we begin to understand that whenever something changes, for better or for worse, it changes because its energy changes. When you would like to manifest change in your emotional, physical, or spiritual life, that change is a matter of converting or releasing energy.

More than thirty years ago, I discovered my special capacity for reading and influencing energy fields. I help people locate and release the energy that keeps them stuck in their problems. The energy that we hold within often belongs to someone else, rather than to us. Our significant others may pressure us to do, say, and feel things that don’t agree with us. Employers may hold expectations that weigh us down. If you’re feeling stuck in your personal or professional life, energy work can quickly move you into a healthier, more inspired state of being. You are a spiritual being who can learn to exercise control over each part of your life. Your identity is not defined by your ever-changing emotions.

In a typical energy healing session, you are guided into a relaxed and focused state, and then led to identify the energy patterns that are holding you back. The negative energy is released, and you are shown how to do this independently for future use. I have helped many people release the emotional patterns that cause pain, illness, and suffering. I can help you begin your journey into self-awareness and discover your authentic spiritual self.

If your life is not working for you, now is the time to make a positive change.

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