The United States has a birthday on July 4th and  through out history we have been celebrating our independence.   Happy Independence Day to you all.  It might also be nice to celebrate your own independence.  Remember, you moved through all the life changes lately mostly by your own strength and maybe support from others.  Another notch on the enlightenment ladder for you!  The most difficult challenges always result in the most learning.

An interesting note in astrology about the 4th is that it coincides with the Sun meeting Sirius, the planet of higher consciousness.  Since Sirius is the brightest star in the sky we can use its illumination to shed light on our way forward this year.  So much is changing in how we do life that a little extra light from Sirius and the Sun can be a blessing.  Remember to use it in your intentions as you continue to grow and celebrate the earth and yourself.

In love and light always

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