May 2021

Well, we sure have been through a lot of life this last year and a half.

 Spring is here and I  always like to think about new beginnings and new perspectives.  We are always given another opportunity to master our lessons. As you know, some  lessons get repeated over and over; sometimes just with different players, but the lesson is still the same.  For example, maybe you have noticed that your fear keeps showing up over and over again just with other people,  or it may be the fear of not being good enough, so we may see that in both our personal relationships and at work.  My point is that we are being bombarded with lessons right now and most of the lessons are based in fear.

 Why not take a different approach and focus on the end game.  What is it you really want to get, to learn to overcome?  Sometimes its easier to find the strength to overcome something when we can focus on the prize at the end.  Consider taking some time to find out what that is for you.  A different perspective can make all the difference in the world.
Happy Mothers Day 
With love and light always

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