These are the last months of the year and with that, the newsletters will be coming to a close.  Many thanks for taking the time to read them throughout the years and I’m hoping I left some wise words of wisdom that have helped you in your everyday life.

You can always go back through them if you like- they can be good reminders. The most important messages I would like to leave with you are: 

Take the time to go deeper into your discomforts – see where they come from.  You will always find clues to solve things if you do.

Have gratitude for everything and everyone in your life.

When unimaginable things occur in life you can always send light to people places and things that need it – you are helping by doing this.

Continue to search within yourself for what you need – it’s always there within you.

It’s easier to love.

And most important is to love yourself and recognize the good you do no matter how small it is.

Its been a pleasure sharing some wisdom with you.

Wishing you all a loving holiday season.
With love and light always,


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