What a time of growth for us all this year – hopefully we can look at our lives and recognize the opportunities for expansion during this time.  Not saying its easy – just saying moving thru it all has definitely got its advantages in what we gain.

We are designed by nature and culture to flourish in peace.  Its difficult to maintain a connection to the divine, to ourselves when we are living in fear.  Fear causes us to run even when we are standing still.  Think about what you are afraid of – can you look back into your past and get that you have already survived just about everything you have encountered.  We are so much stronger than the emotion of the fear we sit in.  Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way but knowing we are stronger than the fear is the energy that helps us move through it.  Fear should be outside of us.  Ideally it should only jump into us when it is required, for instance in times of danger.  So note that all fear is not bad.  It just should not take up residence within us in our daily lives.  

A good spiritual practice especially at night is to go deeper to connect with yourself.  Allow yourself  to move thru all the fear, anxiety and confusion of the day until you can feel the peace within yourself – its always there.

With love and light always

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