Lets talk about boundaries this month.  Hot summer months can make us feel edgy, irritable, and frustrated easier than normal.

Have you noticed yourself feeling that way about others?

 Are you allowing yourself to get you frustrated by what others are doing or not doing?

Are you getting caught up in the fear and anxiety of the world?

Are you worried about or in judgment of others?

These are all good questions and if you are finding your answering yes to any of them, then I have a suggestion that might make things easier for you:

In order to stay in your nice calm peaceful world of love and light for others and the planet…

Stay in Your Own Lane – don’t go wandering off into everyone else’s lanes of low consciousness.  It does not feel good to be there and you won’t like how you feel when you do.

It’s called staying in your own lane of consciousness.  The minute you get wrapped up into debate with others, or judging them, or getting frustrated with what they are doing or not doing – you have just moved out of your high level of consciousness and dropped down into theirs.  

When you do that you’re going to notice your peaceful happy self is no longer there.

Solution:  Just send them light.

I hope it makes sense to you when I say stay in your own lane, stop dropping down into their lane.  Your lane carries your level of consciousness – their lane does not.  

Its like driving a car – no driving in another persons lane – stay in yours.

With love and light

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