Thought we might look at LOVE for the year ahead…  

What does it means to you, if you have it, if are you looking for it, if there’s enough, not enough, more than enough? Is it tough love, easy love or wickedly hard to come by? Can you express it, relate to it, embrace it,  have given up on it, are you looking for it?

You may have noticed that you can do a lot if you have love in your life. Love can make each day may seem a little easier to handle…it’s like when love has your back you can do anything – you can even  give it freely and open your heart to it.  Just remember you are that love and you have your back every minute of every day – you are loved. 

Let’s remember to own that love and let it help us get through our days, minutes, weeks, months if we need to.  Love is always there – it’s what keeps us strong, it’s what we are made of, and what we have an abundance of… really, it’s why we get out of bed in the morning.   

Find a way to use love in the year ahead.  Let it handle the tough parts of life too.  We can spend forever thinking about what love means to you or we can just allow it.  Its that simple. Allow infinite love in your life this year.

Hope you all have a great 2022

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