This morning as I walked around in nature, I saw the most beautiful daffodil standing alone – and about a foot from it, on all sides, were tons of thorny blackberry bushes. I couldn’t get too close to it-  I could just look at its beauty amongst the thorns.

My first thought wasn’t to destroy the thorny bushes, but rather I thought that maybe all those thorns were protecting that beautiful flower.

As in nature, our lives have many, many thorny bushes or shall we say challenges in our daily lives.  Nature has its share of challenges and so do we. The challenges we will face in 2022 may be numerous, difficult, stressful, and really hard…but each one is an opportunity to continue growing, becoming more aware, and more enlightened. On that road, we end up standing in the beauty and grace of our accomplishments.  

As a good friend said to me,“there will always be opportunities to get it right”.

Last month I talked about starting the new year out with love.  February is the month of love so lets continue looking at life through the lens of love.

Happy Valentines Day to you all

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