JANUARY 2020 Newsletter 

You won’t be hearing any ideas about making a New Year’s resolution this January – but I do wish for you all to experience a great deal of enlightenment in 2020!

Resolutions don’t usually come from positive places, as they focus on what you are not doing. Intentions and manifestation come  from a higher vibration and are created from love.

I’ve seen so much growth in the last year from my clients and most of it was really challenging.  Between everyone having free will, the planets shifting, and retrogrades pushing our lessons onto us, it seems we have come through the year a whole lot more enlightened than we were at the start of the year. So I say congratulations on all your hard work!

Intend this year’s growth to go smoothly and effortlessly. Take what you have learned and move forward in a new way of doing things – with new intentions for yourself. Never mind the resolutions – please create your intentions from a place of love. How this upcoming year turns out is up to you.  Set your intentions for what you want every day and do it with joy!

Your intentions can be as simple as waking up happy.  Something as simple as that can change your day, your life, and maybe some one else’s day too.

 Happy new year and happy manifesting!


  1. Intentions that come form the heart….thankyou for framing this whole New Year’s resolution thing from the heart.

  2. Thank you Diane; as always your practical words of wisdom feel so very relevant! Would it be ok for me to share your thoughts about resolutions and waking up happy with my meditation groups? Of course I will cite you as the source. 🙂 Happy New Year to you and yours!

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