We’ve got a great opportunity to open our hearts this month in a really big way…

First, let’s check in with our heart to see what is going on in that space. Close your eyes and focus on that area. How is your “love connection”? Are you noticing any heaviness around your heart; any sadness, pain, anger, or fear?  

Take a few minutes to just sit with the feelings in your heart and see what comes to mind.  

Once you are able to see some of the things weighing heavy on your heart, the problems, the loss, the anxiety or fear…see if you can resolve them by visualizing a positive solution. Put a good ending on the issues; even if its as simple as releasing the sadness and replacing it with peace or a positive resolution.    

Leaving matters of the heart unresolved creates a lot of stress and unresolved emotions keeps us in a frustrating loop in our mind. The mind loves for you to see a good ending.. so give it one.  

When you are finished, allow that infinite love in your heart to expand throughout your entire body.  Enjoy your love connection.

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  1. I miss you, Diane. I am doing well. So much good going on with awaking new avenues in my life. I am getting involved in more work that is heart center and heart felt. Getting involved in making a difference in social growth and social justice. Feels like I have landed in the place I am meant to be in at this time on the planet. Please keep staying in touch. Love, Penny

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