So much input on what to do how to do it…who is right and who is wrong… Just listen to the news and it can send your mind racing. Suddenly, you begin with a great deal more thinking than you thought possible – or maybe you are not even noticing how much the mind is racing with thoughts until you bring attention to the endless stream of information. 

With all the extra fears and information floating around, it’s is a great time to remember you are not your mind; you are not those thoughts or emotions. 

Have you noticed the endless stream of WHAT IF’S along with the future fears, uncertainties and repeating opinions from others?  Those thoughts can cause you to feel depressed, isolated, angry or fearful.  

So, you may ask what you can do with the endless stream of thoughts we cannot seem to stop or control.  Observe them.  Just plain and simple – watch them go by in your mind without judgment or emotion. There’s no need to comment on them or add feelings to the thoughts and when you do this, you may begin to notice they are just thoughts.  You get to decide whether or not you put an emotion to them or not.  If you do add an emotion to them, look what you start to create.  If you decide to observe them only, you may notice your mind start to quiet. 

If you find yourself identifying with the thoughts – -Observing  is a good way to dis-identify with the thoughts and feelings. 

Set yourself free and enjoy some peace.  

Send the love out to the world and everyone in it and have a happy Fathers Day. 

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