There is so much I want to share this month and hopefully you will have the time to read this note …Many of us have time on our hands so we can reflect where others may be busier than ever.
 Here are some reminders about which thoughts to reflect on and how words of love may all need about now.   
First, think about patience and how well we are doing in that department. What about diligence, temperance, kindness, humility,  charity, love, etc.,? We are certainly being pushed to our limits right now and I urge you – – busy or bored to take this time to look deeply within yourself to see how well your life is working for you or not. Commit to finding ways to make some positive changes in your life.  
Once you’ve finally realized how out of balance your life is (has been), you can see what really isn’t working. Notice where you’ve experienced being really tired, but are still making more lists.  
Life as we know it is changing – take this opportunity to make the adjustments you didn’t make before.  Take a good look at your life and make the changes you need to make.  Stop making lists. Take care of yourself.  Give yourself some credit, love, patience, and a pat on the back.  
Most of you out there are strong women – divas of female energy – remember that. We are the ones that create space for things to exist on this planet.  Own your power!

Mothers Day is a big part of May.  Mom’s are the heart of the family and there’s no better time than now to appreciate yours and yourself as a mom. If we thought moms were special before, we have taken the role of being a mom to a whole new meaning these these days. More than ever, they are the ones holding families together.  
As you know, the role of the female energy here on earth is all about creating a loving, warm, nurturing, and safe environment for a family to grow and thrive. Not only are mom’s continuing to do that, they have also become every day teachers – since our children are not attending school right now.  And what about the mom’s that are not able to work and are now  spending the entire day with their children? All the situations are changing – everything is getting mixed up and reorganized.  
Mothers/women are in such a powerful position in our world.  Think about it: you are the central foundation for the family. You hold the foundation for love, support, comfort and security together and families could not exist without you!  
You are amazing!
Through all of this – as busy as your days may be right now or not – one of the most important things you can do for yourself is to take care of yourself. The time is now.  Find the silence, sit in the stillness, accept the quiet and just BE.  Do nothing when you can.   SILENCE is the most powerful influencer in the world.
In that silence you will find your connection to yourself.
Happy Mothers Day!


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