Our focus has been “Believe in you” this year.    

Last month in believing in you – it was about the power to love – we were able to send love to someone or some event even if it was really difficult – hopefully with practice you were able to send love, because it is who you are.

This month if you believe in you  – you may start to look at how much you desert yourself.  We escape all the time and we are only escaping ourselves.  

Is fear stopping you from believing you can get through it? What are you afraid of?  

You can survive most anything that comes along in life because you made it here today. Those battle scars continue to prove how brilliant and strong you are.  If you believe in you – you can do anything.

Fear should be outside us.  It should only jump into us when it is required.  The rest of the time, we are designed by nature and culture to flourish in peace.  Its very difficult to maintain our connection to our divine self when we are living in fear.

Notice: are you are running, escaping even when you are standing still?

Something to reflect on this month.

With tons of love always

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