From a spiritual perspective, Easer is is the celebration of the resurrection or bringing back to life. Another example of this is
the phoenix; it symbolizes hope, rebirth, and transformation. The phoenix can rise from the ashes – which represents the power of transformation. Winter transforms into Spring.  What died in the winter is reborn in the spring. 

This month is full of symbolism for all of us.

Think of our own lives; how many times have we crashed and burned from life lessons, from choices we made, or events happening around us? Each time we think we just can’t do it again; we somehow we find the energy to work through it. We might even say that with each event we get reborn because we lean more, do better, and rise above it all.

Take the opportunity this month to reflect on the hard things we got through and what we learned by going through them.  

The message from Easter is that we too rise to the occasion, defy the odds, and make it through. You are amazing – believe in you!

With love and light always

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