Sending warm, fuzzy, joyful, and loving Thanksgiving thoughts to you. Thanksgiving happens to be one of my favorite celebrations of the year because it’s all about being grateful. We get to be grateful for everything in our life…no exceptions.  A little reflection on the things you are grateful for first thing in the morning will set the tone for the rest of the day.  Think about setting the tone for the day – every day.

As the holidays approach and your plate gets full, your days are busy, there’s much to do – you may find it worth taking a bit of time first thing in the morning to put out there how you want your day to go.

Believe me, there is definitely a difference in your day when you don’t.. 

Something as simple as: this day unfolds easily and effortlessly; everything works out positively;  I find a parking spot easily; whatever I need is available etc..  Just a few words to start out each day will help you move through the days so much easier.

Start out with that positive outlook and stay out of the negative emotions and your days will be the best they can be. Invest in yourself this holiday.  This is a good way to start.

And the last reminder is that your relatives don’t change. They will probably have the same attitudes and beliefs they had last Thanksgiving – the only one that has changed is you – stay in your happy place and be the observer.

Wishing you all a loving thanksgiving

With love and light always

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