As I sit here on this beautiful Autumn day, the leaves are starting to turn, the weather is cooling off and  pictures of past fall scenery and events come to mind. Those pictures and the memories are there to remind you what you were doing at a time in your life. Ever notice how over time, those pictures and events change?  

Our perception is based on the emotions we experienced at the time. Good thoughts become great memories; not so good thoughts become not so good memories. Our emotions are like color; we add them to just about everything.

We have preconceptions about what everything is suppose to look like, feel like, be like, true.

Then, we get  disappointed when it doesn’t come out the way we perceive it to be. So –  I’m suggesting that you look at things with fresh eyes this month. No matter what it is, try looking at it from a new perspective and see what you get.  

If you’ve ever painted or drawn something and you expect it to look exactly like the thing itself, you will never be able to paint it or draw it.

A picture of a fall scene containing magnificent  detailed trees, all the leaves different colors might end up looking like a glowing, almost formless sea of color with no detail at all. That picture may be even more magnificent than the original – so stretch your mind, your thinking, and come out of the box – it’s time to make new changes from a new perspective.

Have a surprisingly great month ahead!

In love and light always

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