Spiritually speaking, the month of November is considered the Sacred Warrior and acts as a reminder of all the things we’ve heroically dealt with from the outside world and the things we dealt with from within ourselves.  

November is the time to celebrate and give thanks for the successes of the year and a time to learn from our mistakes so we can actually  relax.

 Pressures from outside have kept us on edge for a couple years and it’s time to finally slow down.  Think of the good things in your life. You made it through the pandemic and you are making it through the changes that came with it.  Have we learned to be a bit more patient and understanding, to be kinder to people, more forgiving, to not take everything personally?  Let’s hope so. Take note spiritual warriors of your accomplishments!!  Maybe we can even spend some quality time with the family for the holidays.

This is the month to realign, refocus, and tap into our inner strength so that we can enjoy the last two months of the year.

May your Thanksgiving be the best ever.
With love and light always,


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