The entire planet is in the midst of a consciousness shift.  You can start to understand that shift in your own life when we talk about duality – meaning right or wrong, good or bad, polar opposites.  

Today, if you are caught up in always wanting to  be right or thinking you are wrong, you will find you will lose out with either choice.  This old way of  thinking will not work to your advantage. We may still be caught up in the mindset of “its just not fair”.  You have heard me say in the past that we all have free will to make our own choices; so when those choices affect you they may not seem fair at all.

It’s time to stop the struggle; the judgment of others; the anger at things not working out, etc..It only leads to more anger and frustration. Like I said, we all have free will and a right to an opinion. Recognize that your power is not in being right or wrong; your power comes from focusing on what you want today and sending that out from a place of love. Focus on what you want -it’s such a waste of your time and energy to focus on the things you don’t.  

It’s time to shift your consciousness and find middle ground, know what you want, and hold the light for it to come to life for you.

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