Well, we are one month into 2021 and it’s giving us a bit of time to notice where we are heading in this new year.  

February will be about the one year mark that our lives have taken some pretty drastic turns from   business as usual for years past, to what life looks like today.  Even if you are still employed, most everything in our world has changed.  The internet has become our means of communication with others; its been our way of getting the basic necessities with on line shopping, groceries, appointments, meetings, zoom, etc. . Imagine- your computer is now your best friend the one you spend the most time with!  How did that happen?

How many people have we lost in our life, lost connections with, and how lonely or secluded have we become? Our lives have changed so much and more changes are coming this year. Let’s get a handle on it now.

There is – No going back.  Its time to move forward in the best possible way. You know what’s not working and you know what you don’t want.  

Think about what you do want and what is working and move forward with that to start with.

Next, it’s time to re-evaluate what we have been doing and how we have been doing life so far.   No matter what your thoughts are about the virus, vacinations, mask wearing, politics …this is your life focus on what you want. Are you letting yourself get caught up in it all?

 You know I always go back to saying “nothing is about you”, so how much are you making “what is going on in the world” about you now?   

And take a few minutes and write out the following: 
How has your life changed?
How many of those changes have been for the good?
How many not so good?
Where are you at emotionally?
Are you living in the past or creating your future?

Getting these thoughts on paper allows you to see where you are going and what choices you are making.

Last – Here are some additional thoughts
•Keep good boundaries.
•Decide what is best for you.
•Remind yourself that everything going on in the world isn’t about you.
•Don’t take things personally.
•Your job is to be the model for what you want and hold the light.

Happy Valentines Day and much love to you all!

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