To begin this new year, let me say how proud you can be for all your efforts this last year.  I want to take this opportunity to shine a light on all your strength that helped you get through an incredibly challenging year.

Not only did we have our own personal growth challenges; we had the addition of the virus to deal with, politics, deaths, and tons of changes in our lives in all areas. Job well done, everyone.

Please take the time to recognize all your strength and know that it will have prepared you to enter into another year. 

Let’s set our intentions for how we want this upcoming year to unfold. Your intentions are very powerful. We can use what we have learned in 2020 to move forward into 2021 with grace and ease and tons of love. This year more than ever before, the message has been to look within ourselves for our strengths and knowingness and stop looking outside of ourselves for answers and solutions that are not there. 

You have done an amazing job…so please own your accomplishments!!!

Wishing you a very happy healthy new year ahead!

Diane Enderson 

96642 Duley Creek Road
Brookings OR 97415
559 960 0211

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