Have you ever thought much about the term “divine timing”?  

Ever think about the events in your life and the timing of them? Divine timing is the belief that everything that happens in your life occurs at precisely the right moment. Those moments are happening all the time and we don’t see them because we are too busy.

We certainly live a pretty fast paced life. Consider the speed of our internet; how we now get things overnight, how quickly we can connect with people via zoom or FaceTime; so many things in life are instantaneous these days. With all the above, we make those things happen and we are choosing those options.  

But with the big stuff, it seems we just can’t do things as quickly – have you noticed that?

If you think about all the responsibilities you have taken on, commitments made, obligations, worrying about others, or living your life for others – it’s no wonder you don’t get anywhere. Divine timing is going on all the time … we just don’t stop long enough to realize its already happening. Opportunities are always unfolding. Are just missing them?

We are pretty good at setting our intentions for what we want and we can manifest a lot of things; but maybe it’s time to make some big changes. If you are not happy, the only one that can fix that is you. We let too many things get in the way of our own happiness.    Some of the best things in life unfold in ways we would never have imagined, but you have to put yourself out there. Make the first move.  The universe will do the rest.  The how when where of it all will unfold – That’s the divine part of it all.

The reflection part is to look at all the reasons you can’t and clear the slate for all the divine to come in.

Have a great month!

In love and light always

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