April 2020

We are all going through a totally different experience from anything we have ever been through in this current lifetime. For many, this isn’t your first world upset and if it’s been pretty intense so far; just expect more of it.

I’ve taught you about releasing what isn’t yours from your body, how to not take things personally, and how to heal and release the emotions that we carry.

With that in mind, remember: taking care of yourself is your number one priority – if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to take of anyone else.

Here are some other thoughts:

Check your fear. Is your fear more
intense because you are carrying everyone else’s fear? Be sure to release it. Daily.

What are you focusing on? Are you staying focused on positive outcomes? No matter what, stay focused and out of negativity.
Continuously release all the negativity from the news, what you hear, etc.

You get the picture…

This will be a major change on the planet and we are attempting to go from the dark into the light. All of you of higher consciousness who are reading this have a responsibility to hold on to the light for the planet at this time. No matter what – LIGHT CREATES!

Positive thinking and positive intentions create positive outcomes.

Negative thinking is dead energy and it creates nothing.

Do your part – you have the time – stay in the light, hold space for the highest good no matter what.
It’s why you are here at this time.

With love to you always,
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