We are into the month of May already and this is once again the time of new beginnings and a new season is upon us. Spring is here in full bloom.  As nature sheds the heavy winter and moves into the lightness of spring, it’s a great reminder for us to do the same.
Can you take the time to let go or shed the old energy from the winter events in our life, the heaviness the burdens and emotions we carry from everyday life and  the drama we picked up from others?

Giving our bodies permission to release the worry, stress, and anxiety we have experienced and allowing ourselves to lighten up; to unburden the drama from the things, people, we are carrying in life. As we take a moment to set people down and put them in front of us, it allows us the opportunity to release the burden of emotions associated with it all.  Our job is to love the people in our lives, not carry them. We can empower them by believing in them.

We can do spring cleaning; watch nature as it blooms; the days are longer and we can’t hide from the light. The sunlight and the beauty in nature that is going on all around us.  

Let that light shine on us all and especially our  Mothers as they are truly a gift of love and light to us all – Happy Mothers Day

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