As you have heard me say before – our lives here are all about relationships. The relationship we have with others, nature, the world, and especially with ourselves.  

Within these relationships are the experiences  we gain allowing us to becoming more enlightened and more connected to ourselves with new insights and awareness. When we don’t learn from life choices, but stay stuck in them, we need to look at the part that is seemingly benefiting from the replays..  

When you consider how much of our thinking is rooted in the past, we probably don’t realize how bogged down we can become by replaying old tapes of things gone wrong, profound loss, grief, holding grudges, or we get stuck in a debilitating cycle of chronic anger, resentment and guilt about past events, and it skews our view of the world and our relationships.  

It take tons of energy to maintain a negative state of being . The mind is constantly replaying events that are unfinished or trying to find a good ending to put them to rest once and for all.  

Let’s bring some awareness to the negative tapes and instead of mindlessly replaying them, put good endings on them and set them down by looking at what is possible by using our creativity, curiosity, and inquiry to open us up to healing, growth, and an expanded life.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all  .

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