September 2020

Having a hard time dealing with all the changes in life? You are not alone.

I’m hearing everything from I can’t sleep, I’m agitated, frustrated, it’s hard to make decisions, I feel stuck and there’s a lot of fear about moving forward.

Here’s a few tips to consider:

• When it comes to sleeping: stay focused within yourself. Run through your seven chakras.

• Notice the parts of your body that are relaxing as you are lying in your comfortable bed. When the mind starts trying to solve things out there in the world, it will keep you going out and you will have a hard time sleeping.

• Give your mind permission to release all the worry, stress and fear we create by thinking.

• Give your body permission to release any frustrations or irritations you took in during the day. The clearer you are the more grounded and present you are; the easier sleep comes and life flows.
• Also allow your body to release all the smoke from the fires and fear and anxiety out there in the world.

Have a peaceful month❤️

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