Last month we took the opportunity to rise above life’s drama filled events and recognize that the only way we can create change in the world and our lives is by holding the light and our intention for what we are wanting from a place of love – for each other, our family, our friends, and the world.

This month is Mothers Day and we have an opportunity to continue holding the light for those we love; those that are still with us and those that have passed on.  

You know life…the people, the moms, the world events are not always easy, but sending love is what we do best. The more at peace we are in our relationships with our mothers, the more enlightened we become.  

We can also celebrate our earth mom and be grateful for all the lessons she has taught us and those we continue to learn as we walk lightly upon her and feel the gratitude for the beauty she shares with us always.  Life just would not be the same without them and for that we can be grateful.

Happy Mothers Day to all!

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