Celebrating Goddess Energy

MAY 2020 NEWSLETTER There is so much I want to share this month and hopefully you will have the time to read this note …Many of us have time on our hands so we can reflect where others may be busier than ever.  Here are some reminders about which thoughts to reflect on and how words of love may all need about now.   First, think about patience and how well

This is what you came for.

April 2020 We are all going through a totally different experience from anything we have ever been through in this current lifetime. For many, this isn’t your first world upset and if it’s been pretty intense so far; just expect more of it. I’ve taught you about releasing what isn’t yours from your body, how to not take things personally, and how to heal and release the emotions that we

March newsletter 2020 This month I would like to remind you all to REALLY remember who you are as spiritual beings on this earth and to do what we are so good at doing – that is holding the positive love and light for the planet and everyone and everything on it. There is so much going on in the world these days and we can be most helpful when

Love yourself!

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! We’ve got a great opportunity to open our hearts this month in a really big way… First, let’s check in with our heart to see what is going on in that space. Close your eyes and focus on that area. How is your “love connection”? Are you noticing any heaviness around your heart; any sadness, pain, anger, or fear?   Take a few minutes to just sit

Intend it So!

JANUARY 2020 Newsletter  You won’t be hearing any ideas about making a New Year’s resolution this January – but I do wish for you all to experience a great deal of enlightenment in 2020! Resolutions don’t usually come from positive places, as they focus on what you are not doing. Intentions and manifestation come  from a higher vibration and are created from love. I’ve seen so much growth in the last

Let Your Light Shine

This has been quite a year for self improvement and enlightenment.  It seems if our planets weren’t shifting, the moon was and Mercury retrograde kept us on our toes We’ve done a lot of work this year. Take the month of December to enjoy the progress you’ve made. How about practicing  being the observer in your life especially when dealing with others?Family and friends and obligations will be in full

Time to Rethink

NOVEMBER 2019 NEWSLETTER Wow what a month this will be! Retrograde is upon up and so is Thanksgiving. Mercury goes retrograde October 31st thru November 20th… Here’s  what that means – whatever emotional lessons you have not resolved will be coming back again, giving you another opportunity to make peace with the past.   Astrologers believe that during this perceived backwards motion from Mercury, that technology and communications get disrupted.   So

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