Happy New Year

JANUARY 2022 NEWSLETTER Thought we might look at LOVE for the year ahead…   What does it means to you, if you have it, if are you looking for it, if there’s enough, not enough, more than enough? Is it tough love, easy love or wickedly hard to come by? Can you express it, relate to it, embrace it,  have given up on it, are you looking for it? You may

December 2021

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! What a year! It certainly has been one of intense learning and growth – and we are all a little more enlightened for what we’ve gone through. Consider it our gift to ourselves – we are more enlightened than ever before. We can take all we learned and apply it forward to have a more peaceful 2022. Congratulations on a year well done!

November 2021

Sending warm, fuzzy, joyful, and loving Thanksgiving thoughts to you. Thanksgiving happens to be one of my favorite celebrations of the year because it’s all about being grateful. We get to be grateful for everything in our life…no exceptions.  A little reflection on the things you are grateful for first thing in the morning will set the tone for the rest of the day.  Think about setting the tone for

October 2021

As I sit here on this beautiful Autumn day, the leaves are starting to turn, the weather is cooling off and  pictures of past fall scenery and events come to mind. Those pictures and the memories are there to remind you what you were doing at a time in your life. Ever notice how over time, those pictures and events change?   Our perception is based on the emotions we

September 2021

Have you ever thought much about the term “divine timing”?   Ever think about the events in your life and the timing of them? Divine timing is the belief that everything that happens in your life occurs at precisely the right moment. Those moments are happening all the time and we don’t see them because we are too busy. We certainly live a pretty fast paced life. Consider the speed of our

August 2021

Something to think about this month and that is:   what you do today – determines your tomorrow! Putting that in a positive light – the positive things you say, do, or, think today start creating the energy for your tomorrow.  It’s worth finding something positive to reflect on these days, especially as we hear so much negativity in the world and in our own little world. We can focus

Celebrate Your Independence

The United States has a birthday on July 4th and  through out history we have been celebrating our independence.   Happy Independence Day to you all.  It might also be nice to celebrate your own independence.  Remember, you moved through all the life changes lately mostly by your own strength and maybe support from others.  Another notch on the enlightenment ladder for you!  The most difficult challenges always result in the

June 2021 A few things worth reflecting on this month: Did you know that energy patterns are created by doing the same thing over and over again, by repeating the same mistakes, and by continuing to put energy on beliefs that have been passed down from generation to generation? They may be keeping you stuck in negative patterns that are not helping you anymore. Take a little time to reflect

Lessons and Perspective

May 2021 Well, we sure have been through a lot of life this last year and a half.  Spring is here and I  always like to think about new beginnings and new perspectives.  We are always given another opportunity to master our lessons. As you know, some  lessons get repeated over and over; sometimes just with different players, but the lesson is still the same.  For example, maybe you have

April 2021

We are a quarter of the way into this year which brings us into the wonderful season of Spring.Spring, along with Easter and Passover represent rebirth and resurrection and here’s hoping we can begin to see things anew again.   It would be wise to take the time to see things differently.  In these times we have seen the worst of events, so do your best to see the light

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