The winter solstice is almost upon us – less light during the day as the earth is tilted farthest away from the sun. It’s a good time to go within to connect with your inner light. Maybe you can use this time to start turning inward and connect with the peace, joy, and love that is you instead of the other emotions that tend to rule the season. You may

November 2022

Spiritually speaking, the month of November is considered the Sacred Warrior and acts as a reminder of all the things we’ve heroically dealt with from the outside world and the things we dealt with from within ourselves.   November is the time to celebrate and give thanks for the successes of the year and a time to learn from our mistakes so we can actually  relax.  Pressures from outside have

October 2022

The entire planet is in the midst of a consciousness shift.  You can start to understand that shift in your own life when we talk about duality – meaning right or wrong, good or bad, polar opposites.   Today, if you are caught up in always wanting to  be right or thinking you are wrong, you will find you will lose out with either choice.  This old way of  thinking

September 2022

Fall is here – the changing of the season is upon us. Lots of change inside and outside this season.Have you been looking inside when changes occur in your life? Most of the stuck energy and emotional drama is coming from childhood, so take a look inside and see if you can release some of the childhood traumas, fears, anger, and frustrations and clear your field.  Remember, even the trees

August 2021: Send Love

It would be very powerful if everyone sent love to the wind for containment of the fires and to send love to the fires everywhere on the planet; especially in our own backyards. We can do the same if there’s too much rain – send love to the rain. Everything needs love! Diane Enderson,HEALER96642 Duley Creek RoadBrookings OR 97415559 960 0211

July 2022

Happy Fourth of July everyone.  As you celebrate the fourth, also celebrate yourself this holiday.  We are so busy in our everyday lives and we try to accomplish so much. Maybe we feel there is always way too much to be done –  that we don’t realize just how busy we really are on a  daily basis. Take time this holiday to be in the moment and enjoy the day. Do

June 2022

Recently, I stumbled upon the fact that June was named for the Roman goddess Juno – some say the patroness of marriage and well being of women and another in Latin “young people” the month of sunshine and  positive outcomes.    It was nice to hear something positive about the month as it seems we are on a constant journey of learning lessons and experiencing hardships these days. Maybe this

May 2022

Last month we took the opportunity to rise above life’s drama filled events and recognize that the only way we can create change in the world and our lives is by holding the light and our intention for what we are wanting from a place of love – for each other, our family, our friends, and the world. This month is Mothers Day and we have an opportunity to continue

March 2022: New Relationships

As you have heard me say before – our lives here are all about relationships. The relationship we have with others, nature, the world, and especially with ourselves.   Within these relationships are the experiences  we gain allowing us to becoming more enlightened and more connected to ourselves with new insights and awareness. When we don’t learn from life choices, but stay stuck in them, we need to look at

February 2022

This morning as I walked around in nature, I saw the most beautiful daffodil standing alone – and about a foot from it, on all sides, were tons of thorny blackberry bushes. I couldn’t get too close to it-  I could just look at its beauty amongst the thorns. My first thought wasn’t to destroy the thorny bushes, but rather I thought that maybe all those thorns were protecting that

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